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Our Life with Great Danes - Pet Sitters in Wrexham

Great Dane breeders, David and Betty, are Animal Angels pet sitters based in Wrexham.

David and Betty have kindly shared their experiences of caring for and breeding Great Danes, here is their story...

We were involved with animals long before we knew of the existence of pet sitting organisations and have kept, at various times, some animals as pets, and others in a commercial setting. Ponies, dogs, rabbits and cats have been pets, while the others, although kept in a business manner, were also treated more like pets and companions; dogs,

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Adopting a Homeless Cat

We know at Animal Angels that it can be very satisfying to give a home to an abandoned cat, of any age or breed.

Sadly there is a huge choice out there and all the various rescue centres are desperate for kind and willing animal lovers to provide a comfortable, safe home for their temporary feline residents.

The background to an abandoned cat is often unknown, but sometimes it can be that their owner’s circumstances have changed so much that they are unable to look after a cat eg. they now live in a rented flat or they can’t afford the

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